Welcome to Simba Met Nala!

All of our collars, harnesses and leashes are individually hand-crafted in Berlin with high standards when it comes to the quality of our products and materials, but also when it comes to social commitment and responsibility.

The production of every singe piece of Simba met Nala is done in an award-winning charitable foundation where young adults with and without disabilities are trained together as fully qualified employees and integrated in an everyday work space. In doing so they promote commonalities within the team and ensure a positive future and a self determined life for each individual.

Due to our local production here in Berlin we avoid long-distance movement of our products which not only enables us to react in a flexible and quick manner to individual requests, but also protects our environment and nature.

We produce all of your Simba met Nala products in an atmosphere of a loving company, fair conditions, social responsibility and highest quality. Everything to make it possible for everyone to dress your best friend, your beloved dog in love and values that are so important to us to make the word a teeny bit better and a whole lot cuter!

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